Wing Jet Key

Includes all features from Wing Key plus install/ remove Hydro-Air jet nozzle retaining ring,  broken Hayward retaining ring tips, Hydro-Air spa jet face ring, and Hydro-Air slim line face ring.


Screwdriver Wing Jet Key
1. Install/remove 3-way Hayward valve unions
2. Install/Remove Hayward & Pentair directional eyeball fittings
3. Use hex bar through hole for turning & torque
4. Install/Remove Polaris/Letro universal wall fittings
5. Install/Remove Waterway Poly series face ring
6. Install/Remove Hydor-Air jet Nozzle retaining ring
7. Install/Remove broken Hayward retaining ring tips
8. Install/Remove Hydro-Air spa jet face ring 
9. Install/Remove Hydro-Air (slim-line)face ring

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Wing Jet Key

Install/remove broken Hayward jet nozzle

Install/remove broken Hayward retaining tips

Install/remove Hydro-air spa jet face ring

Install/remove Hydro-air (Slimline) face ring


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